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In honor of all the Food Holidays in our calendar, this page is dedicated to gifts-in-a-jar and gift giving. Let this page be a helpful guide for your own homemade gifts-in-a-jar. You will find recipes and great ideas to help you with your fun project.

What is a Gift-in-a-jar?
Gifts-in-a-jar are considered to be a "Food Craft" to most people. Years ago it was a necessity thing to do. Women would take their glass canning jars and fill them up with dry food products or wet food products and give it to their neighbors who were in need. The most popular things that were given in the olden days were jars of dry herbs, jars of dry goods to make biscuits, or wet goods like homemade jams, jellies & preserves that were made from the garden and fruit trees. Many times these gifts were placed in baskets and wrapped in tea towels.

Today we put a spin on this tradition. We not only give food gifts to friends and family who may need it but we give gifts-in-a-jar as holiday gifts. In this day and time it has turned into more of a craft for Gift Giving during the holidays than anything else.

Decorating the jars
Today we layer the food in the jars to look like the colors are stripped (the sand art effect) and we pretty up the jar with material and ribbon. We even make our own Home made tags to go on the side to dress it up too. Anything we can think of to make it crafty and creative is the way to go. We even sometimes paint our glass jars with a theme too.

Are you ready to make a gift in a jar?
We make these all the time ourselves and I have to tell you that its one of the easiest things there is to do. Its also one of the most fulfilling things there is to do too! These Homemade Gifts are a treat to give and a delight to get! So have fun reading our pages. We have a nice size
Gifts-in-a-jar Directory

Nothing beats a gift from the kitchen.
Giving homemade gifts from the kitchen is a wonderful way to keep memories alive and a wonderful way to make new memories and traditions for the family. Everybody loves homemade food gifts and it's a true gift from the heart. It doesn't matter if it's cookies or soup because all gifts from the kitchen are always welcome.

Is making homemade gifts a lost tradition?
In this day and time, much of the Holidays have been so commercialized that most of the true meaning of the Holidays have been lost. Most families will receive a bought gift from the store and very few people these days will receive a true gift made from the heart. Well Gifts in a jar are just that. They are gifts from the heart and they are made right from your very own kitchen. They take very little time and cost much less to make. You don't even have to be the best crafter or the best cook in town to do it either. Its just a wonderful way to share a little bit of yourself with others and everyone will love it! So take a little bit of extra time in your week and make a homemade gift. Don't let this be a tradition lost in your family.

Example of Gifts in jars / Dry Mixes:
There's an unlimited list of things that can be given as a jar gifts.  The most popular is most likely dry food mixes. You layer the dry food ingredients for a recipe in a canning jar and the person receiving the mix finishes making the food. You attach the instructions on what they need to do/ to the side of the "Gift in the jar."  Dry food recipes can be such as......

Dry bread mixes
Dry cake mixes
Dry cookie mixes
Dry drink mixes
Dry bean soups
Dry spice mixes

Dry sauce mixes
also placed in gift bags because its small amounts.

Dry dip mixes
also placed in gift bags because its small amounts.

Example of Gifts in jars / Wet Goods
Yes wet goods are still popular as a gift-in-a-jar and always will be. Have you ever noticed that who ever is the best neighborhood soup maker in the community will always give mason jars of soup out to their family and friends at Christmas?  Below we will give you a list of the most popular gifts-in-a-jar that are wet goods.

Homemade Soups (see National Soup Month  for recipes)
Homemade Salsa (see National Salsa Month for recipes)
Homemade Sauces (see National Sauce Month for recipes)
Homemade Cakes in a jar

Visit our Gifts-in-a-jar Recipe Directory
for more great ideas!


Now if your still not confident enough after reading our pages, or you just can't find what your looking for in our free pages....then click on our Gifts-in-a-jar Recipe Books page. We have listed several Books by various arthors that we found over the Internet on the subject that I'm sure you will find recipes that's just perfect for what your looking for.

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