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Halloween Home Site Map
                        Halloween Recipe DIRECTORY
                       "The Spookiest Recipe DIRECTORY on the Net!"
                        The page is covered in cobwebs and the black widow spider protects its pages.               Around Halloween time though, the spiders love to share the pages of                               their Recipe DIRECTORY with everyone! So drop on by and copy all of                                their spooktactular recipes that you want.  But please don't be surprised if                           while your reading.....one crepes up on your shoulder......and tip taps on                            the side of your neck with its long hairy legs! But don't you worry.  It will                             just be nice soft taps just so they can see what recipe your going to be                                cookin' up. 

                         BONE YARD                                                                                                                           Whaaahahaha! Come let Mr. BoneyBones walk you through his                                           delicious page of boney food's such as meat dishes or main course.

                          SPOOKY DRINKS                                                           
                          Come let Gertrude the Witch teach you how to make some                                                  Spooktactular alcoholic drinks & non-alcoholic drinks. 
                          All of these recipes have great spooky names as well.

                          CUP CAKES & CAKES
                          These Great Halloween recipes will wrap you right up with great treats                               and great of decorating ideas too.

                          Halloween is all about candy! So we couldn't leave this section out!
                          These recipes are the best!

                          All types of pumpkin recipes like pumpkin pies, cakes, pumpkin soup                                  and pumpkin candy! plus other pumpkin links like pumpkin carving.

                          All little Goblins love to make and eat Halloween cookies! We have                                    everybody's favorite Halloween cookies plus instructions on how to
                          decorate them as well.

                          Misc. RECIPES
                          like Popcorn


Halloween Home
This is the Home Page for our spooky website.

Iiside Halloween Home
This is our 1st Chapter of our Spooky Halloween Story.
It does have links all through the story to other pages in our website.

                     CHAPTER 2-
                     CHAPTER 3

Spooky Website Picks
This is our favorite collections of links to other websites that we always visit each Halloween season.

Halloween E-Books
Around the end of September we start searching out Halloween books or spooky videos so we can get in the spirit of Halloween for the whole month of October.  In our search we have found some great E-Books and videos that are mixed in the list.

Hsunted House Sites
This is a list of Haunted House sites in Alabama that are put on by local JC's , Town Communities, clubs and Fire Departments to make money for good causes.
On this page we also have a link to a website that has a Haunted House DIRECTORY so you can find the one's that are in your neck of the woods.

Haunted House Virtual Tours   
Oh these are lots of fun for the whole family! If you cant afford to take your whole family out to visit a spook house.....then gather up all your Goblin family members and gather around your computer.  We have a list of our favorite Virtual Tour Haunted Houses and it doesn't cost you a penny to watch!   

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