We all want to know what the perfect method is for makeing that perfect pot of coffee.
The expercts say that preparing a good cup of coffee should be easy.  All you have to do is follow these few simple rules and that good cup of coffee will hit your mouth every time.

Always Always Always make sure that your coffee pot is thoroughly cleaned.  Dirt and oils and leftover residue will leave strange flavours in your brew. 

It is amazing just how many people do not clean their coffee pot.  Have you ever been to someones elses house and the pot of coffee tasted wonderful..... You ask your friend's what kind of coffee they are using and suprise....... they are using the same brand of coffee that you are using.
Well...... this is no suprise.  Most likely its because your coffee pot needs cleaning and their's doesn't.

Can this really make a big difference? YES YES YES it can! 
This is mostlikey the simpliest rule that most everyone fail to do consistencely.

~ 1st method: Restaurant use this one quite often. If your pot is glass, place a quarter cup of crushed ice in the dirty pot. cut up one whole lemon and place in the pot. Pore course salt in the pot and swishhhh around. The salt acts as sandpaper would as the ice grinds it against the dirt. The lemon juice acts as the cleaner. It works great!
~Ideally, you should clean your coffee maker/coffee pot at least once a week with a mixture of water and vinegar to remove the oils that build up over time.  These oils change the flavor of the coffee.  You can buy cleaners that are made especially for coffee pots but the water and vinegar method works just as good.  You must always run clear water back through your pot to rinse it out after you have did the cleaning process.

For the best pot of coffee always start with FRESH, Quality coffee beans.  No matter how good the coffee is, if it is STALE it will be very flat.  This will not be your best pot of coffee.

Do you want to impress someone?  Well try making that pot of coffee using FRESH CLEAN water.  Remember 98% of a cup of coffee is water so bad water means bad coffee.  Go for the fresh clean water that you buy and see for yourself the difference in the taste.

OOOOO boy heres a good one!  Not all of us have a coffee grinder.  But if your a coffee lover try thinking about buying one.  The experts say to grind your coffee, if possible, immediately before brewing.  Why?  Because this will give the freshiest taste and avoid that bitter and stale flavours in the coffee.

The correct amount of coffee???
The biggest mistake that we usually make is often not using enough coffee.  This results in a think cup that lacksw depth of flavor, and it does not have that distinctive quality that helps to make each cup unique.  Yep I did say unique.  Coffee flavors are always unique because believe it or not they do all taste different depending on which type you choose to try.

The experts say a good rule of thumb is to use 2 level tablespoons for each 6oz cup of coffee.  For a non-coffee drinker this is STRONG, but everyone should start from here and then make your adjustments to how your tastes are.

Warm your coffee mug before pouring the coffee in.   Just run your mug under hot tap water or let hot tap water sit inside your cup while your coffee is brewing.  Pore out the hot tap water just before you pore your coffee in.  This keeps your cup of coffee hot alot longer.  Now how simple is that.

If you are making more coffee than you intend to drink it is best to pore it in a thermos to keep it hot.  If you leave your coffee in the pot sitting over your coffee warmer it will slowly destroy its flavor.  

Always drink your coffee freshly brewed.  Its really best not to reheat.  I know I know we all do it but lets face it........we all know that it dulls the flavor and gives it a stale taste.  It gives it  that bitter and acidic flavor which is not good to taste.   We just go full force for that caffeine fix every time and do it anyway dont we.    ha ha ha ha

Buying Coffee:
~For the freshest coffee, buy whole bean coffee in order to preserve taste. Ground coffee looses it’s flavor more rapidly than whole bean. Ground coffee presents more surface area and smaller particles to the air which accelerates the loss of the coffee’s characteristic oils. For those who don’t have a grinder, it is always wise to buy your coffee from a company that has an in-house roaster. Dream Ship utilizes a vintage Gothot 90kg Roaster and our coffees are roasted daily.

Storage Containers:
Storage when your coffee arrives is best done in an airtight container that will keep out air and moisture. The best storage containers are glass ones with a rubber ring sealing lid since these will not alter the taste or characteristics of your coffee.

Where To Store Your Coffee:
It is not advised that you store your coffee in the refrigerator as this introduces extra moisture and unwanted flavors into the coffee.

Freezing will maintain the freshness of the coffee and enable you to store it for a longer period of time if you freeze it in a moisture proof container. Leave out only what you would use in a week. Whole beans freeze better than ground coffee to insure fuller flavor. We do not recommend storing Your coffee in the bag it arrives in no matter what type of bag it is, nor do we recommend metal…both of these allow moisture in and leach their odors into the coffee. Glass is preferable and plastic is acceptable. Do not keep coffee frozen longer than three months . The ideal is to have only enough on hand to last one month and reorder when you are in the third week.

Home Roasting:
If you wish to roast your own coffee, there are several good books in our online bookstore that will give you tips on how to do this. We do sell green coffeebeans (unroasted) for those who wish to roast their own.

Can I Mix the Old and New Coffees?
It is not suggested that you mix in your fresh coffee with the old coffee…this diminishes the flavor of the new fresh coffee and makes the flavor flatten out into a mediocre to poor cup of coffee.

Shelf Life of Coffees:
The darker the roast, the better the flavor and the shorter the shelf life. Commercially canned coffees are light roasted. Premium and fine gourmet coffees are Full City, Espresso and Dark Roasted to awaken the aroma and flavor to a much higher degree of excellence. There is an incredible difference between a cup of commercial coffee…and a cup of fine Gourmet coffee. Green Coffee will keep indefinitely. In fact, there are some coffees that are allowed to age for years in the green state to provide a truly vintage flavor. Roasting brings out the coffee’s flavor to it’s full potential.

Hot Coffee, Mojave Desert, 1937
Hot Coffee, Mojave Desert, 1937
Weston, Edward
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American Coffee
American Coffee
Felisky, Barbara R.
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The Perfect Brew
Nancy Astor (to Winston Churchill):
"Sir, if I were your wife, I would put poison in your coffee."
Winston Churchill (in reply):
"Madam, if I were your husband, I would drink it."

Coffee Fun Facts
The word "coffee" was at one time a term for wine, but was later used to describe a black drink made from berries of the coffee tree. This black drink replaced wine in many religious ceremonies because it kept the Mohammedans awake and alert during their nightly prayers, so they honored it with the name they had originally given to wine.
You're drinking to  much coffee When:
when someone says how are you? you say "good to the last drop."
Coffee Joke
Did you know it's a sin for a woman to make coffee?

Yup, it's in the Bible!

It says.............



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