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Pamela & Stephen here!  We're glad you stopped by to learn about us and our website.  One of us has to do the talking so I guess that will be me.  My name is Pam and I was born and raised in Alabama, United States. My hubby was born and raised on the Island of Tasmania, in Australia. We actually met each other on the Internet if you can believe that. ha ha ha ha!  If you would like to read our story just go to our ABOUT US  page and it will tell you all about our Internet romance. smileeeeee

If you would like, you can go to our WEDDING PICS and see what we look like. This page takes a bit to load.
Why the website? Well you see I love art and I love creating and I really wanted to know more about how to build a website. My curiosity got the best of me one day and before I knew it I had signed up with HomeStead and had no idea on how to build myself a website! ha ha ha - But I wanted to learn really bad and see if I could do it. I picked HomeStead because its great for beginners!
So, I started building myself a website. I had no idea what I wanted my subject matter to be in my site. But I did know what I was passionate about. So....I decided to make my website about all the things that I loved the most. Which was cooking, eating & collecting recipes, Holidays & fun, plants, gardening & herbs, my great love of animals and my obsession for crafts. After I built all of my pages I noticed that all of the subjects related to the Calendar of Events in some way.  Bammm!  That was it!  My website would be a Directory based on the Calendar of Events. 

If you would like to learn more about our website, just go to our
ABOUT OUR SITE page and read more.
People are naturally curious and we get letters all the time, asking us question about most everything. ha ha ha- And that's just fine with us- smileeeee - but it does make it a bit hard to answers everyone's emails. So, I decided to make a "Frequently Asked Questions" page that lists all of the questions that everyone asks us. Go Ahead! Feel free to go to our FAQ's page and read more about us.

We like to keep in touch with our friends and family but the way this fast pace world is these gets harder and harder to go and visit and keep up. So we have a page where we write letters just to let everyone know how we are doing and what we are up too. Since my hubby and I both have family and friends all over the world.... this is the best place for everyone to come and read and catch up with us.  If you would like to keep up with what we are doing too, then you can go to our Blogger and read what we have to say. what we have to say

This is our THANK YOU page. This is where we would like to thank everyone for sharing in our website. :)

This is our Kin Folks Sites!

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