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Bacon Sandwich!
What is a Bacon Sandwich?
"A bacon sandwich (also bacon sarnie or bacon butty (UK) and bacon sanger or pigwich (Aus) or "piece 'n' bacon" (Scotland) ) is a form of sandwich made from cooked bacon between two slices of bread, usually buttered.

What Sauce is used on a Bacon Sandwich?
Often some form of sauce, such as tomato ketchup or brown sauce, is included. (HP Sauce advertises itself as the perfect complement to a bacon sandwich.) HP Sauce has a malt vinegar base blended with fruit and spices, and is usually eaten as an adjunct to hot or cold savoury food, or used as an ingredient in soups or stews.

"Steak sauce (in North America)—brown sauce (in the British Isles)—is a generic term for a dark brown sauce commonly served as a condiment for meat. In the United States, as its name implies, the sauces is predominantly associated with beef, while elsewhere it is often used on a variety of foods."

"The most well known brands are A1 Steak Sauce in the United States, and HP Sauce in the United Kingdom. In the UK brown sauce is also popular on bacon sandwiches and pie and mash."

United Kingdom Favorite
"Bacon sandwiches are an all-day favourite throughout the United Kingdom. Rarely found on the menus of high class restaurants, they are often served in greasy spoons. Other ingredients such as sausage, cheese, fried or scrambled eggs, mushroom and baked beans are often added."

A variant of the bacon sandwich is the BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich.
This sandwich is so popular that it has it's very own holiday celebrated the month of April-
National BLT Sandwich Month

Hangover cure
Traditionally regarded as a hangover cure, in April 2009 researchers found that the dish's high level of amines could indeed help alleviate the effects of a hangover.

See also:
BLT: Bacon lettuce & tomato sandwich
Tea sandwiches
Types of sandwiches: Sandwiches come served cold or hot open faced. In fact there are so         many different sandwich recipes it would be hard to list them all but we do have a list of the      most popular.
Chip butty
Sausage sandwich
sandwich spreads

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Bread Baking Store:  Bread Cookbooks, baking products, Utensils, Bread Machines

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article baconsandwich/and other related pages. Top Photo by:Baconbutty
Common Meals
BreakfastSecond Breakfast
BrunchLunchDinner  • Supper
Tea (meal) Afternoon TeaHigh Tea
A look into Sandwich Holidays
July is Sandwich Generation month
National Sandwich Month: August
National BLT Sandwich Month: April
Grill Cheese Sandwich Month:
National Kraut Sandwich week: Oct/3
Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: April 2
National Hamburger Month: O
National Hot Dog Month: July
Two pieces of brown bread, butter and a larger-than-typical amount of bacon, assembled to form a bacon sandwich.

Fun Food Facts:
Sandwiches are a widely popular type of food. They are taken to work, school or picnics to be eaten as part of a packed lunch. They generally contain a combination of salad vegetables, meat, cheese, and a variety of sauces. They are widely sold in restaurants and cafes.
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Recipeoftheday / Salted Meat /
National Wheat Bread Month / Dinner Parties
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