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Definition of a Party Game: Party games are games which share several features suitable to entertaining a social gathering of moderate size.

Traditional Children's Party Games
(some of which are also popular with teenagers and adults) include:

Blind Man's Bluff: Blind man's bluff or blind man's buff is a children's game played in a spacious area, such as outdoors or in a large room, in which one player, designated as "It," is blindfolded and gropes around attempting to touch the other players without being able to see them, while the other players scatter and try to avoid the person who is "it", hiding in plain sight and sometimes teasing them to make them change direction. The game is a variant of tag.( rules)

The Chocolate Game: Each person in turn rolls the die. If a person rolls a six, they shout "SIX!" and hurry into the centre of the circle, put on all the items of clothing and then attempt to unwrap (and then eat) a chocolate bar that's wrapped several times using a knife and fork (or 2 spoons). This is quite awkward with all the added clothing, and gloves, and cutlery, so is quite a challenge and amusing. (wikipedia game rules)

The Farmer's In His Dell: Circle game - Ten children (or more) join hands and dance around the FARMER, who stands in the center of the circle as they sing the childrens song "The Farmer in the dell". At the end of the first verse, the FARMER chooses his WIFE, who joins him inside the circle. At the end of the next verse, the WIFE takes a CHILD, and so on, until the last verse when everyone is in the circle except the CHEESE, who stands alone. Whoever ends up being the CHEESE becomes the FARMER for the next round. (wikipedia game rules)

Hot Potato: Hot potato is a party game that involves players gathering in a circle and tossing a small object such as a beanbag or tennis ball to each other while music plays. The player who is holding the "hot potato" when the music stops is out. Play continues until only one player is left. The game is designed to be fast-paced and high-pressure and is often played by children. The game can also be played without music where there is a designated leader who shouts out "hot!" and the player holding the object is eliminated. (wikipedia game rules)

Hunt the Thimble (or slipper, or other object): Hunt the Thimble (also known as Hide the Thimble) is a party game in which all but one partygoer leaves the room. The person remaining in the room hides a thimble, or other small object, somewhere in the room. When everyone comes back in, they must locate the hidden object. (wikipedia game rules)

Musical Chairs: Musical chairs is a game played by a group of people (usually children), often in an informal setting purely for entertainment such as a birthday party. The game starts with any number of players and a number of chairs one fewer than the number of players; the chairs are arranged in a circle (or other closed figure if space is constrained; a double line is sometimes used) facing outward, with the people standing in a circle just outside of that. A non-playing individual plays recorded music or a musical instrument. (game rules)

Oranges and Lemons: The song is used in a children's party game with the same name, in which the players file, in pairs, through an arch made by two of the players (made by having the players face each other, raise their arms over their head, and clasp their partners' hands). The challenge comes during the final lines: (wikipedia game rules)

Pass the Parcel: Pass the parcel is a popular children's party game in which a parcel is passed from person to person around a circle. In preparation for the game, a prize (or "gift") is wrapped in a large number of layers of wrapping paper. Usually, each layer is of a different design so they can be easily distinguished. Smaller prizes or mottos may be placed between some or all other layers of wrapping. (wikipedia game rules)

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a game played by groups of children. A picture of a donkey with a missing tail is tacked to a wall within easy reach of children. One at a time, each child is blindfolded and handed a paper "tail" with a push pin or thumbtack poked through it. The blindfolded child is then spun around until he or she is disoriented. The child gropes around and tries to pin the tail on the donkey. The player who pins their tail closest to the target, the donkey's rear, wins. (wikipedia game rules)

Pinata: A piñata is a brightly-colored paper container filled with candy and/or toys. It is generally suspended on a rope from a tree branch or ceiling and is used during celebrations. A succession of blindfolded, stick-wielding children try to break the piñata in order to collect the sweets (traditionally sugarcane) and/or toys inside of it. It has been used for hundreds of years to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter. (wikipedia game rules)

Poor Pussy: Poor Pussy is an old party game played by children and adults often in Drama classes or at parties. As it is described: This game makes everybody laugh. Have the guests sit around the room. Choose one person to be the pussy. Pussy must go over to a guest and meow three times. The guest must pet pussy's head three times and say "Poor pussy, poor pussy, poor pussy," without laughing. The pussy should do his best to make the guest laugh. He can make funny meows and walk around like a cat. The pussy goes from one guest to another until someone laughs. The first one to laugh becomes the new pussy. (game rules)

Wink Murder: Wink Murder, Murder Wink, or Wink Wink Murder is a party game or parlour game. It is also variously known as Killer and Lonely Ghost. The practical minimum number of players is four, but the spirit of the game is best captured by groups of at least six players, and can be played by as many as 35 players and up. (wikipedia game rules)
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Examples of:  Other Children's games
The rules are easy to learn and the outcome mostly or entirely due to chance.

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