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Drinking games are games which involve the drinking of alcoholic beverages.

Types of Games:
Endurance games: "The simplest drinking games are endurance games in which players compete to out-drink each other." "Players take turns taking shots, and the last person standing is the winner." "Some games have rules involving the "cascade", "fountain" or "waterfall", which encourages each player to drink constantly from their cup so long as the player before him does not stop drinking." "Such games can also favor speed over quantity, in which case players race to drink a beer the fastest."

"Loser buys" games: "These are games played where whoever loses must buy the next round of drinks for all other players, such as spoof."

Speed games: "Many pub or bar games involve competitive drinking for speed and not necessarily quantity consumed." "The object of these games may not be inebriation, but may involve simply "bragging rights" or wagers of cash which benefit the fastest drinker." "Examples of drinking games involving speed are boat and case races, Edward Fortyhands, beer bonging, shotgunning and yard."

Thinking games:
"Thinking games rely on the players' powers of observation, recollection, logic and articulation." "Such games are not difficult at the onset, but become much more challenging as the game continues as players become inebriated and their coordination and memory deteriorate."

"Numerous types of thinking games exist. In memory games, each player must repeat a series of events, add to it, and when a player forgets, he or she must take a drink." "Thinking games include 21beer checkers, bizz buzzbuffalobullshitcapsCaptain Paf matchboxesone fat henroman numeralsfuzzy duck, and zoom schwartz profigliano." "Trivia games, such as Trivial Pursuit, are sometimes played as drinking games."

21: typically played by players sitting in a circle. Numbers are called in sequence from one to 21. However, each player can decide how many numbers of the sequence he/she wishes to call. This determines who the next player to call will be. The player to call "21" must finish his/her beverage, before a new round starts. The loser may add one new rule to the game, and starts the new round. wikipedia game rules

Bizz Buzz: Bizz buzz (also known as fizz buzz, or simply buzz) is a group word game frequently encountered as a car game or a drinking game. Players generally sit in a circle. The player designated to go first says the number "1", and each player thenceforth counts one number in turn. However, any number divisible by three is replaced by the word bizz and any divisible by five by the word buzz. Numbers divisible by both become bizz buzz. A player who hesitates or makes a mistake is either eliminated or must pay a forfeit, such as taking a drink. wikipedia game rules

Bullshit: , also known as who shit? and somebody shit in the parlor, is a drinking game that requires a minimum of four players. At the start of the game, each player chooses a kind of shit to represent him. Typically, the shit is some sort of animal shit such as "dog shit", "monkey shit", and so forth. It is also possible to pick other kinds of shit such as "dumb shit", "no shit", "green shit", etc. When each player has chosen his desired shit, play begins with the first player announcing, "Somebody shit in the parlor!" All the other players respond by asking, "Who shit?" The first player then accuses another player using their designated shit to identify said player. The accused responds by saying, "Bullshit!" Once again, the other players respond by asking, "Who shit?" The accused then accuses a third player and so on. This continues until a player makes a mistake by calling out a non-existent shit, playing out of turn, passing play back to their accuser, or breaking the rhythm of the game. This player must then drink an agreed upon measure of an alcoholic beverage. Increasing intoxication makes concentration more difficult. After drinking, the player who made the mistake restarts play by announcing, "Somebody shit in the parlor," and play commences as before. wikipedia game rules

One Fat Hen: The normal mode of play is that the leader recites the first line of the game and then all the players take it in turns to First - Sip the drink; Second - repeat the line; and Third - take another sip; if anyone makes a mistake, he or she must take a drink (or pay a forfeit) and ask the Leader to repeat. They then repeat the turn (Sip-Repeat-Sip). When everyone has got it right, the leader starts again, and adds the second line. Each player must now say the first and second lines, and so on, like this: wikipedia game rules

Fuzzy Duck: In turn, players alternately utter the phrases "fuzzy duck" and "ducky fuzz". A player may also opt to say, "does he?", in which case play resumes in the opposite direction. If a player says the wrong thing, plays out of turn, says "does he" too often, or breaks the rhythm of the game, they have to drink an agreed-upon measure of an alcoholic beverage. This increases the chance of further mistakes. wikipedia game rules

Caps: Four players split into two teams, and each sit anywhere from 8 to 10 feet apart or as space of room allows facing each other, with a cup filled with beer or water directly in between each couple, approximately one or two caps lengths from the back board or wall. Both teams take turns throwing caps into the other team's cup. Each time a team makes the cap, the other team gets a chance to "rebuttal" or "cancel", or try to make a shot. If no rebuttal is made, the team that made the original shot gets a point while the other team drinks their beer. However, if a rebuttal is made, the team who originally made the shot tries to make a rebuttal as well. This can go on for as long as it takes, depending on skill of the players. When a rebuttal shot is finally missed, that team drinks their beer and no points are awarded. From there, the game goes on regularly, with both teams taking turns shooting. wikipedia game rules

Skill games: Several games involve a skill such as scoring a ping-pong or darts. Players must have good aim throughout the entire game, even as they become increasingly inebriated. Examples of these games include Beirut, Pong, beer pong, flip cup, quarters and Corners. 

Card games: Several popular drinking games involving cards are asshole, connections, fuck the dealer, horserace, Circle of Death, kings, liar's poker, Drawbridge Drinking Game, pyramid, ride the bus and Up the River, (Down the River) and Artichoke.

Dice games: Dice games include 7-11-doubles, beer die, dudo, kinito, kranen, liar's dice, mexico, mia, pounce!, ship, captain, and crew, tablero da Gucci and three man.

Tolerance games: Tolerance games are about seeing which player can last the longest. It can be as simple as going shot for shot until one person passes out. Power Hour and its variant, Century Club, fall under this category.

Movie games: Movie drinking games are played while watching a movie (sometimes a TV show or a sporting event) and have a set of rules for who drinks when and how much based on on-screen events and dialogue. The rules may be the same for all players, or alternatively players may each be assigned rules related to particular characters. The rules are designed so that rarer events require larger drinks. Rule sets for such games are usually arbitrary and local, although they are sometimes published by fan clubs. There are popular drinking games associated with the film Withnail and I and the song Roxanne (song) by the Police. Another popular game is associated with the movie Top Gun, where players drink whenever a call sign (Maverick, Goose, Iceman, etc.) is said. Another variation is Thunderstruck, where, while listening to Thunderstruck by AC/DC, a group of players alternate drinking each time the singer says "Thunderstruck" and must continue drinking until "Thunderstruck" is said again or until the song is over. Another one can be played while watching "Dazed and Confused". Whenever the charater Mitch Kramer touches his face everybody drinks etc- game rules

Object Games:
Object games are usually simple games that involve using a random object in order to administer drinking "fines". Some good examples of object games are Pennying and the The Golf Ball Game.

Pennying: Should someone manage to slip a penny into another person's drink after officially announcing pennying will take place on the night, the owner of the drink must completely consume it within a set period of time - usually two or three minutes or less, or in any case the next time the victim touches the glass - and in one go, i.e. without pausing between sips for breath or respite (quaffing the drink). wikipedia game rules

Miscellaneous games:
There are many other drinking games that cannot be categorized any certain way, such as never have I ever and the Vegetable Game. Another game involving external interaction uses a busy roadway and a lawn sign labeled "Honk = Drink" or something similar. Whenever a passing driver honks their horn, the participants drink.

Never have I ever game: game"I never", also commonly known as "1054 fingers", "Never have I ever" or "I have never", is a common drinking game, where players are arranged into something resembling a circle. The game is started with each player putting up 10 fingers. Then, one player says a simple statement starting with "Never have I ever," such as "Never have I ever kissed." In this case anyone who has kissed must drink and put down one finger. Play then continues around the circle and the next person makes a statement. The game ends when any player ends up with all 10 fingers down, and he or she is the loser of the game (or the winner, depending on your outlook on life). rules

The Vegetable Game: Players are arranged into something resembling a circle. The game is started by each player naming their vegetable, which will be seen as their representative. Once all players have chosen their vegetable, play begins. One player (usually the "Chairman") starts the game by naming their vegetable twice, followed by the vegetable of another player twice. This player then says his/her vegetable twice followed by another player's vegetable, and play continues until a player either responds when not addressed, or an addressed player hesitates for too long. wiki rules

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