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Hello friends!  I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for visiting our very own recipe pages.  My name is Pam and I'm the webmaster and owner of  Stephen and I both love to cook so on this page is where we will share our very own home cooked recipes.  In these pages you will also see our very own photos of the food that we cook so you can be sure to see what the recipe is supposed to look like. 
Now just so you know..... the blurry pictures will be taken by me and the best photos will be taken by Stephen.  He has a much steadier hand than me. giggle~

I was born and raised in the South (Alabama) so most of my food has a Southern flair to it.  When I was a kid we lived in the home house in the country so I could go to school.  All through the winter we lived off of all the canned foods that Mother and Daddy canned over the summer. Mother and Daddy always had a huge garden  so we always had fresh food.  I was always blessed with the chore of shelling peas.  Yulkkkk I hated it!  I would rather scrape the corn off the cob with the scraper but they would never let me do that part.  They said I missed to much of the good stuff.  hahaha

In the summer we lived down on the river where we fished and played in the water all day long.  Daddy had many trotlines and fish baskets put out all over the river and he would catch up enough for us to freeze in old milk jugs that would last us through the whole winter.  Daddy was known by the nickname "Fishook" and Mother was called "Lady Fishook." I still remember watching Daddy clean the catfish and toss me the floaties that come out of the fish just for me to play with.  Ha ha ha!  (only a river girl can say that- giggle~)

Mother would fry up all the fish and we would have a river feast.  I spent most of my days tromping through the woods and turning over rocks on the rivers edges looking for critters.  Why I was the best turtle catcher around!  Even as an adult I have to stop and go walk in the edges of water.  My brother always said.... just give her a mud hole and she's happy.

In the South our menu was filled with comfort foods and all the ladies of the family were excellent cooks.  Especially my Mother!  She cooked breakfast, lunch and supper and when Sunday rolled around it was a Feast Day! All of our Sundays were like that.  Mother would get up very early on Sunday morning to get the preparations for dinner started, then off to church we would go. When we got back home Mother would finish up the last minute cooking and we would have the best Sunday  family feast. The best part is..... this happened EVERY Sunday! We had more food on the table on Sunday than we had all the other days put together.  Wonderful memories~

Now in my videos below you wont usually hear me talk in them.  I try not to do that since my accent is so slow and southern and well.... when I do I get made fun of ya know.  Mercy, haha!   Are our recipes healthy??  Well heck no!  But you can enjoy them anyway.

We try and keep up our list up to date but incase we miss one you can check out our videos on youtube because we are youtubers for sure.

My favorite food hero is "Paula Deen" because..... well she's just the best thing since soppin biscuits was invented!  I never miss her cooking shows.
Enjoy our recipes




More Recipes Coming Soon!
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