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  Hot Dog Regional Variations!
This is a listing of regional variations on the hot dog.
Different areas of the world have local variations on the type of meat used, condiments and means of preparation:

Willy Dog: (Lower Alabama), made famous by the Dew Drop Inn, consists of a bright pinkish-red hot dog topped with ketchup, mustard, chili, sauerkraut, and pickles. LA dogs are generally served wrapped in foil, from a brown paper bag. During the Mardi Gras season, street vendors are known to sell similar hot dogs, but with a deep fried bun.

The Sonoran hot dog: A hot dog grilled in a processor or on a griddle, wrapped in Mesquite-smoked bacon, topped with freshly-chopped tomatoes, onions, shredded yellow or cotijo cheese, tomatillo salsa or red chile sauce, pinto beans, mayonnaise, ketchup and/or mustard, and served on bread. Often served with a fresh-roasted chile.
Tucson, Sierra Vista, Douglas, Nogales and Phoenix, Arizona & neighboringSanora Mixico

Monumental Dog: Legend has this variation originating from a small local establishment located inside of the borders of Washington, DC called either World of Hotdogs and Pizza or Continental Hotdogs and Pizza. The Hotdog consist of a steamed or grilled rectangular all beef hotdog on a steamed potato hotdog bun, with a spread of mayonnaise on the bun, topped with banana peppers, onions, tangy diced red peppers, and sliced pickles.

Scrambled Dog: (or dawg, as it is colloquially known). Originating in Columbus, Georgia, it is a cheap, usually red-skinned hot dog, served on a toasted white bun and topped with mustard and spicy chili. This particular chili contains beans and has large chunks of diced raw onion mixed directly into the prepared sauce before being spooned onto the dog. The Scrambled dog in its traditional configuration was invented at now-defunct cigar store and newspaper stand run by Firm Roberts on Columbus' Broadway beginning in 1908. The most famous purveyor of the dog today is the city's Dinglewood Pharmacy, there it is topped with ketchup, mustard, chili with beans, onions, sliced dill pickles, and oyster crackers.

Frankfurt rolls: Hot dogs in Northeastern Massachusetts are most often boiled and served with mustard and sweet relish with or without a bun. when they are served with a bun, often a top-loaded bun with no crusts on the side is used. These are sold as "Frankfurt rolls", and may be fried with butter before serving. Hot dogs are served most frequently with baked beans. Many people from this area also serve a sweet dish called brown bread with their hot dogs. Prepared with or without raisins, brown bread is steamed-molasses based, much like English puddings. Brown bread is steamed in a can or jar, and is cut so that there are round slices. This may be eaten with butter or margarine. Some New Englanders will serve the dog either on the plate to be cut or cooked in with the beans.

Hot dogs in Methuen and neighboring Lawrence are usually boiled, and served with fried onion mixed with melted American cheese. They are served in a top-loaded bun with no crusts on the side. The generous serving of onion and cheese mix is tossed on top of the hot dog. The hot dog is either topped with mustard or left as is. Occasionally garlic is mixed in with the fried onions.

Chili Dog: In lower Michigan, a chili dog is called a Coney Island and is very specific as to the ingredients: a pork hot dog with natural casing served on a steamed bun, topped with all-meat, beanless chili, diced yellow onion, and yellow mustard. There are two distinct variations on the Coney dog: Detroit style, made with a sloppier, wet chili, and Flint style, made with chili that is much more dry. An entire restaurant industry has developed from the hot dog and are called Coney Islands."

Potato Dog: "In the case of New Jersey's potato dog, diced and stewed potatoes are combined with brown mustard and served on spicy brand hot dog. A variant on this (particularly in the Trenton area) is also known as the "Italian hot dog", which features all of the above ingredients, with grilled onions and peppers, and served on a long, crusty roll. The most common brands of spicy hot dogs used are Sabrett's or Best's, both of which are NJ companies."

Hot Dogs Deep-fried in oil: "Several restaurants, such as Clifton's Rutt's Hut, (Levine 2005) serve hot dogs deep-fried in oil. You can get them three ways: an in and outer (just barely kissed by the oil), the ripper (cooked until the skins burst), and the cremator (really well done). Other places like John's Texas Weiners in Newark grill their hot dogs. Texas weiners originated in Paterson, and are either grilled or deep fried hot dogs served with spicy brown mustard, chopped onions and a meat sauce similar to chili. Getting all three condiments is typically described as, "All the Way." The same hot dog variation was created in Altoona, Pennsylvania independently six years earlier. A traditional Newark Style Dog , as served in Jimmy Buff's and Dickie Dee's or Tommy's Italian Sausage and Hot Dogs in Elizabeth (Levine 2005) are made by cutting a round "pizza bread" in half (for a double) or into quarters (for a single) and cutting a pocket into it and spreading the inside with mustard. A deep-fried dog (or two if it is a double) is stuffed down into the pocket, topped with fried (or sauteed) onions and peppers, and then topped off with crisp-fried potato chunks. A quicker version of this, often simply called a double dog, can also be requested at some lunch trucks, luncheonettes and pizzareias in the state. Instead of the traditional potato round, French fries are substituted and in some spots a Portuguese or sub roll replaces the traditional round bread used."

"Michigans:" are hot dogs with a meaty sauce - more like "Sloppy Joe" than chili (no chili-oregano-cumin). The Michigan is served in a buttered-grilled Frankfurt loaf (bun with no crust on the sides).  "A Michigan hot dog or, "Michigan", is a steamed hot dog on a steamed bun topped with a meaty sauce, generally referred to as "Michigan Sauce". The chili may or may not be tomato-based, depending on where the Michigan is purchased. Michigans can be served with or without chopped onions. If served with onions, the onions can either be buried under the sauce, under the hotdog itself, or sprinkled on top of the chili.

Michigans are a particular favorite in the North Country of New York State, and have been so for many decades. In fact, one of the earliest known advertisements for Michigans appeared in the Friday, May 27, 1927, Plattsburgh Republican."

Michigans are also very popular in Montréal and other parts of Québec, where the sauce that is put on them is invariably tomato-based and is often simply referred to as "spaghetti sauce". Lafleur Restaurants, a Québec fast food chain, is known for its Michigans and poutine.

Oddly enough, "Michigan hot dogs" are never referred to by that name in Michigan itself, nor anywhere else in the Midwest. A similar food item, the "Coney Dog" or "Coney Island dog", is a hot dog topped with onions and either chili or a meatless chili called coney sauce. Conversely, the "Coney Island" is not called as such on Coney Island, or anywhere else in New York State; it's called either a "Michigan" or a "Red Hot." Finally, in southeast Michigan, a "Coney Island" is also the local slang term for a greasy spoon.

Carolina hot dogs: are served with chili and cole slaw, mustard, and onions. Most vendors use cole slaw, but some places use a vinegar-based variation called BBQ slaw, which is an eastern North Carolina variant. This style is called all the way and/or "a slaw dog." The practice of eating cole slaw on hot dogs in the Carolinas probably came from expatriate West Virginians moving south to seek employment. Carolina Packers, a small company in Johnston County produces locally-famous skinless red-hot dogs. In North Carolina, a "cheese dog" is made with a hot dog sized chunk of American cheese in place of the sausage; a hot dog with both sausage and cheese is called a "combination dog", and a "deluxe dog" adds bacon. Walter's Grill of Murfreesboro, NC is best known for its "dawgs all the way with slaw."

Pittsburgh Dog: At PNC Park, a hot dog is served called the "Pittsburgh Dog". It is a large 18-inch (460 mm) hot dog served on a hoagie roll with shredded lettuce, diced tomato, dry cole slaw and strips of provolone cheese."

Hot Wiener: "The (hot wiener/wikipedia) or New York System wiener is a staple of the food culture of Rhode Island. It is typically made from a small, thin frankfurter made of veal and pork, thus giving it a different taste from a traditional hot dog made of beef. Once placed in a steamed bun, the wiener is topped with a meat sauce seasoned with a myriad of spices like cumin, paprika, chili powder and allspice, which is itself covered in finely chopped onions, celery salt and yellow mustard."

Shucos: (Guatemala) Cooked in a carbon grill. They're served with the classic boiled sausage, guacamole, fresh onion, mustard, mayonnaise,ketchup, boiled cabbage and hot green sauce. If you want you can add ketchup, bacon, pepperoni, salami, Spanish chorizo, longaniza or meat.

Panchos: (Argentina), they are sold as street food and in convenience stores (or quioscos). Consumed only boiled, the most common toppings are potatoe sticks, and are only accompanied with condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo or salsa golf. They are often served in long thin buns, with the hot dogs being as long as 30 cm, and called 'Superpanchos'. Some vendors and pancherías, however, specialize in providing a wide array of sauces and vegetable relishes as toppings, including a final garnish of toasted potato sticks.

In Tuvalu, Hot Dogs are served traditionally on Bournivalian Holidays. They consist on a little wheat bun, a lamb (or goat) sausage and purple coleslaw. They are cooked during a ceremony where the priest, or even the Majestic Goddess, blesses them.

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This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article Hotdogvariations/and other related pages. Top Photo: flickr/by aivrendotcom /Attribute / license
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Pictured: Guadalajara Dog, Chili Dog with Sauerkraut and Polish Sausage with fries and onion rings.

National Hot Dog Month!
Industry groups, such as National Hot Dog & Sausage Council in the USA, designates July as National Hot Dog Month and July 23 as National Hot Dog Day, are known to encourage, sponsor, and support hot dog events."
Photo: flickr/by aivrendotcom /license
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