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In honor of  Halloween, this page is dedicated to traditional Halloween foods.

Monsters for the little monsters!
Even basic every day sandwiches made from hamburger buns, thin sliced deli meat and cheese make great monster sandwiches. In fact you can make a monster sandwich out of just about any kind of sandwich that your serving. Cheeseburgers make great ones, even sloppy joes make great ones but these are hot sandwiches.

Here's a tip for you:
Cold monster sandwiches make the best looking monsters compared to hot sandwiches. Mainly because anything hot will go flat or melt (like cheese). So if you want your monsters fangs or teeth to look sharp, remember to serve cold style sandwiches like cold deli sandwiches.  Another tip: Don't wait for Halloween to roll around to serve monster sandwiches. No way!  It's fun to eat monster sandwiches and it entices kids to eat their food. So if you have children who are tough eaters, try monster sandwiches. Food makes memories and this is one sandwich that can be served all year round that will be remembered forever.

Arranging your sandwich
The key to it all is how you arrange it in the bun. It needs to not only taste great but it needs to looks like a monster.  Pickles make great eyes for these monster sandwiches.
Sandwich Bread:
You can use any type of bread that you want because all will work. The bread in the photo is hamburger buns. You may like to lightly toast your buns that have been spread with a small amount of butter. This makes the sandwich taste great too.

Sandwich Spread:
You may like to just spread the base of your sandwich with the traditional mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup. But if your serving to the adult crowd, try using Flavored Oils or a sandwich spread recipe to add added flavor to your sandwiches.  Even flavored butters or basting butter sauces work well too.

The thinner the deli meat slices are the easier they are to roll up to look like a monsters tongue. Any flavor of deli meat can be used. Ham, chicken, turkey-

Use your favorite type of sliced cheese. You will need to cut your cheese in the shape of a triangle so it looks like fangs or teeth. Place the cheese on each side of the rolled deli meat.

Now you have your sandwich all put together so put the top on it and all you need to do now is add the eyes. Sliced dill pickles or sliced sweet pickles make great eyes and they taste great with sandwiches too. Just place the pickles on the top of the bun for the eyes and a simple squirt of catchup serves as the center of the eyes.

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This great photo is by:  randomdeanna  from flickr  / license

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