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Make Up Your Own Holiday!
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This page is in honor of all the Weird Holidays in our calendar.

Are you a citizen with a good holiday idea?
Yes in deed, we read in the paper everyday about another weird wacky and way out there holiday don't we? Some holidays are a little more official than others but did you know that all it takes to make a holiday is to name the day, decide what to do, and get other people to do it along with you.

Yes to claim a holiday of your own is easy. Because it's easy; explains why we find so many unusual holidays listed in our calendar.

Did you know that Thanksgiving was a celebrated holiday long before it was made official? Yep this is how many holidays get stated. Another great example of a holiday that has never had official reconition is April Fools Day. April Fools Day which is reserved on April 1st is not a legal holiday. But for hundreds of years it has been a special day to play pranks and practical jokes on people. So you never know, declair a new holiday on "Make your own Holiday' Day" and in a few years it just may turn out to be a favorite all over the Nation or even the world! All it takes is a following of people to celebrate the holiday with you each year. Wow!

Did you know that this website your reading right now has their very own holiday too? Yep! We claimed it, we named it and we declaired it for ours. Our calendar now has a new Gone-ta-pott Day that fit's right into the
weird wacky & wild list of holidays

How are Holidays Set?
"Any person can apply to their respective government or to the United Nations in order to have a day formalized as a particular celebration." "Any individual can apply for a reserved holiday but we find that it's mostly groups and fun organizations who go to the trouble to apply."

"A truely "National" day is literally an act of Congress and takes a lot of work." "There's really a lot of freedom in the making of Days reserved for Weird Holiday as you will see as you read the list below." "This freedom to be able to apply for a holiday has led to some pretty strange ones."

"The president can declare a special day." "Govenors declare state holidays and mayors can do the same for their cities." "Companies and businesses can simply announce that it's a National Holiday' Day, week or month and advertise it." "Different causes can be promoted by declairing it a special month as well." tell us that "if you want your holiday to have a little more authority, there's always March 26." The holiday called "Make up your own Holiday." "This holiday was proclaimed by Thomas and Ruth Roy, who make a hobby of thinking up fun days to celebrate." "They have been featured in newspapers and TV shows telling people about their holidays." "You can find all their holidays on their website"

Resources to help you celebrate