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Types Of Pies
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Definition: Pie

Occasionally the term pie is used to refer to otherwise unrelated confections containing a sweet or savoury filling, such as Eskimo pie or moon pie.

A "cow pie" refers to cow dung rather than a food.
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Making Pie Baking Memories
One of the fondest memories for many of us, is that smell of baking pies in the oven. To be able to walk in the house and find our mother elbow's deep in baking was a sight to see. The smell of the baked fruit permeated all through the house. To see the kitchen table filled with all the working utensils was so exciting it just made your mouth water.

Pies are one of the most inviting comfort foods that there are and making, baking or eating it can lift our spirits and bring warmth to our every beings. Soothing, soul-satisfying comfort foods can bring back special memories of meaningful moment of the past. Steaming chowders, mashed potatoes, hot soup, hearty stews, warm chocolate chip cookies and fresh baked pies are all foods many of us associate with comfort. They may be simple foods but they evoke fond memories, and bring joy and comfort to our everyday lives.

How to make a pie crust: Instruction Video
How to make a pie lattice: Instruction Video

Food & Facts

Sweet Dessert Pies
Some of these pies are pies in name only, such as the Boston cream pie, which is a cake. Many fruit and berry pies are very similar, varying only the fruit used in filling.

Apple pie
Banoffee pie
Banana cream pie
Blackberry pie
Blueberry pie
Boston cream pie
Buttermilk pie
Cherry pie
Chess pie
Chocolate pie
Cream pie
Custard pie
Dutch apple pie
Key lime pie
Lemon meringue pie
Mince pie
Mock apple pie
Peach pie
Pecan pie
Peanut butter pie
Pumpkin pie / Pumpkin Cheesecake pie /
Rhubarb pie /  Strawberry-rhubarb pie
Shoofly pie - a pie filled with molasses
Strawberry pie
Sugar pie
Sweet Potato Pie

Savoury pies
Bacon and egg pie
Butter pie
Chicken and mushroom pie
Corned beef pie
Cottage pie
Meat pie
Meat and potato pie
Pizza pie
Pork pie
Pot pie
Potato pie
Scotch pie
Shepherds' pie (mashed potato crust)
Stargazy pie
Steak pie
Steak and ale pie
Steak and kidney pie

Pie CookBooks
If you are a cookbook person, the Internet is full of them!
Here are a few that we have found.
Pie Baking Store

Apple Pie Harvest
Apple Pie Harvest
Kruskamp, Janet
Buy posters at
Can you name 10 things that you are grateful for today?

I'm grateful for electric blankets on cold winter nights.

I'm grateful for new recipes to get my taste buds to watering.

I'm grateful for birds and squirrels gathering around my feeders.

I'm grateful for baked potatoes, butter and sour cream.

I'm grateful for a work from home income.

I'm grateful for beach dresses and sand between my toes.

I'm grateful for meat and BBQ sauce cooked on the grill.

I'm grateful for a house full of cats keeping me cozy at night.

I'm grateful for Smokey. My gray cuddle bug cat.

I'm grateful for faith and Gods love.
Apple Dumplings video
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Photo: Peach Caramel, apple lemon tart (with lemon curd at the bottom), and "no corn syrup" pecan pie. photo by: bomee / license
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December 1 is eat a pie day
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