Pig Roast!
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A pig roast is an event or gathering which involves the barbecuing of a whole hog (the castrated male pig or boar, bred for consumption at about 12 months old).

"Pig roasts in the mainland American Deep South are often referred to as a Pig pickin', although roasts are also a common occurrence in Cuba as well as the non-mainland US state of Hawaii, with roasts being done in the mainland states by descendents of other areas."

Many families traditionally have a pig roast for Thanksgiving or Christmas

Pig Roast Traditions:
"In Miami pig roasts are often held on Christmas Eve by Cuban
families whereas families from Hawaii often hold a roast on
memorial day."

"Pig roast is a part of Puerto Rico's national dish and is usually
served with arroz con gandules. In Puerto Rico, pig roasts
occur year round, but happen in greater frequency as part of
New Years Eve celebrations and especially Christmas. The pig
roast is prepared in adobo mojado (wet adobo), it contains
crushed garlic, black pepper, salt, orégano brujo, olive oil,
and wine vinegar."

"In the Philippines, the roasted pig is referred to as "Lechon
baboy." It is traditionally prepared for Christmas celebrations,
but is also commonplace at birthday parties, weddings,
Debuts, and family reunions."

"In the UK the tradtion of pig roasting, which is more commonly known in the UK as a Hog Roast, is fundemental to many occasions, particularly parties and celebrations. It is usually an outdoor event, and a staple meal on many show events, one of the oldest hog roasters in the UK is Apex Hog Roast . The tradition is either to roast on a spit, turning the pig under a flame, or in a large oven in a roasting pan, roasting pigs over 200lbs in weight is common in the UK. The pig is roasted usually in cider and bay leaves, with salt rubbed in to the scored skin to make the 'crackling'.

"A hog/pig, often around 80-120 pounds dressed weight, is split in half and spread onto a large charcoal or propane grill. The style of grills used are as varied as the methods of producing them, some being homemade while others are custom made."

"In a Hawaii-style pig roast, a large pit is typically dug into the ground and lined with banana leaves, as lava rocks are heated over an open flame until they are very hot. The heated rocks are placed into the pit, and a seasoned pig is placed inside and covered with additional banana leaves, which serve as insulation and for flavor."

"In an American Cuban-style pig roast, a roasting box is commonly fashioned above ground out of concrete blocks and steel mesh. Another popular method is to use a pig roasting box, commonly referred to as a "Caja China." The cooking process is communal and usually done by men; the host is helped by friends or family. It usually takes four to eight hours to cook the pig completely; the pig is often started "meat-side" down, and then is flipped one time once the hog has stopped dripping rendered fat. When the cooking is complete, the meat should ideally be tender to the point of falling off of the bone. The meat is then either chopped or pulled or is picked off the roasted pig by the guests."

"In the Philippines, the pig is typically stuffed with spices, placed on a bamboo spit, and roasted over hot coals."

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Pig Pickin'
Did you know?  "A pig pickin' (also known as rolling a pig, pig roast or as the Cajun "Boucherie") is a type of party or gathering held primarily in the American South which involves the barbecuing of a whole hog (the castrated male pig or boar, bred for consumption at about 12 months old). Females, or sows are used as well."
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