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Thomas Crapper Day!
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When is Thomas Crapper Day anyway?
January 27th each and every year is Thomas Crapper Day. Some information you find calls it "Toilet Day."

"So what the crap is this Weird Holiday about?"
It's a holiday devoted to the man who invented the flush toilet.
And we all should celebrate the toilet!  Can you imagine life without it?  It would be like camping in the woods your whole life.

As with many inventions, the flush toilet did not suddenly spring into existence, but was the result of a long chain of minor improvements. Therefore, instead of a single name and date, there's a long list of significant contributors to the history of the device but the most noted name is Thomas Crapper partly due to the name "crap" itself and also due to the holiday "Thomas Crapper Day."

1880's: Thomas Crapper's plumbing company built flush toilets of Giblin's design. After the company received a royal warrant, Crapper's name became synonymous with flush toilets. Although he was not the original inventor, Crapper popularized the siphon system for emptying the tank, replacing the earlier floating valve system which was prone to leaks. Some of Crapper's designs were made by Thomas Twyford. The similarity between Crapper's name and the much older word crap is merely a coincidence.

Ok tell me the definition of a flush toilet
"A flush toilet or Water Closet (WC) is a toilet that disposes of the waste by using water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location. Modern toilets incorporate an 'S' bend; this 'trap' creates a water seal which remains filled with water between flushing, thus providing a hygienic barrier by preventing sewer gases from passing up the drainpipe. During flushing the 'S' bend also provides siphon action which helps accelerate the flushing process. Water filling up the bowl creates a high pressure area which forces the water past the S bend. At the S bend when water starts to move it creates a vacuum that pulls the water and waste out of the toilet. When no more water is left then the air stops the siphon or vacuum process. At that point the water that is going into the bowl continues to fill up the bowl to equalize the bowl and the S bend. This ends the cycle of one flush. However, since this type of toilet does not generally handle waste on site, separate waste treatment systems must be built."
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So is this Thomas Crapper Legend True?
Yes and No. Read more at.....


"How can I celebrate this holiday?"

Have a fun party of course and play toilet games!
Here's a few ideas to get you started.

Do you have a great toilet game? Let us know and we will add it here.
Play the "Pootris Game" in honor of Thomas Crapper Day!  -  Please give game time to load.
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